Finding Connecticut shop has a new look

New site design!

I know there has been traffic to the site over the last few days. I apologize if someone came across the site and it was a jumbled mess. I was hoping to send a link to someone on Sunday for it to be added to their blog and all of a sudden I couldn't make a menu link. After about 2 hours in chat with Shopify, we discovered the theme I was using was retired. (uhh thanks for letting me know Shopify). I was not expecting to find a theme that I liked so much so fast. 

I love this theme! I feel it works well with Finding Connecticut's home page. 

Whats new on the shop besides the theme?

1. The theme - I have a few minor things to fix, but thankful the site doesn't look like a construction zone. 

2. Pride items for lower Fairfield County and few popular cities and towns in Connecticut (looking for a certain town, don't hesitate to let me know). 

3. I did add a New England section to the site. I do get requests on social media for designs for other states (I hear you... Maine). New England designs is under "other" on the main menu. Right now there is a small selection of Pride and over the course of the summer I am hoping to add more designs. 


Looking for the latest in Connecticut, visit Finding Connecticut's webpage. 

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